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Payroll is a financial record of compensation paid to an employee as salaries, wages, bonus or deduction. It is given for the work done during a particular period of time. Payroll processing is referred as administration of employee’s financial records as well as involves tedious routine work.
Our payroll services allow you to take your human resources management to a higher level than just giving out paychecks to your employees ensuring error-free payroll management activities. Outsourcing this process not only saves cost but enables you to focus on core tasks and enable growth without manpower or infrastructural restrictions. Partnering with us will lead to the added advantage of reduced costs and increased profits. Our team helps you manage your payroll process in a manner that would maximize salary pay-outs and minimize per employee cost to the entity.

In contemporary era, systematic payroll processing services have become a requisite for every entity with the intent of streamlining payroll procedure, optimizing productivity as well as improving administration. Every employer is required to comply with the laws applicable in relation to the employees hired in their organization. Some of the compliances under such laws are outlined hereunder:

Types of Payroll Process

Provident fund (PF)

Certain periodical returns in respect of the provident fund contributions made are required to be filed by the employers with the prescribed authorities. Our team possesses requisite knowledge w.r.t. all the provisions under law and can guide you in complying with the procedure systematically. Also, we can assist you in filing periodic PF returns.

Employees’ State Insurance (ESI)

It is a multidimensional social security system tailored to provide socio-economic protection to worker population and their dependents covered under the scheme. Every employer to whom the ESI scheme is applicable is required to comply with the provisions prescribed therein. Our team can assist you by providing professional advice in relation to all such laws and assist you in complying with the procedural requirements from time to time.


Various obligation of the employer have been laid out under the Gratuity Act such as providing a notice of opening of establishment, payment of gratuity upon determination of services of the employee, obtaining insurance as prescribed therein, etc. Our team of trained professionals can provide you advice on various compliances required under the Act and assist you with the procedural requirements prescribed therein.

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

TDS rule directs employers to deduct a certain amount of tax before full payment is made to the receiver / employee. It is mandatory to have TDS deductions before payroll is initiated. We assist you at each and every step of TDS deduction and remittance to ensure secure and quality services to our clients.


Entire Payroll process includes 3 stages:

Stage 1) Defining the payroll policy, gathering inputs, input validation.

Stage2) Payroll calculation

Stage 3) Statutory Compliance, Payroll accounting, Payout, Reporting

It takes 3 hours to process from the backend such as (printing, distributing checks, preparing accounting sheets).

Payroll is prepared by the workers, they are responsible for all the payrolls. They check employees working time, check attendance records, and calculate wages. Now they maintain all the records on the computer.

Human resources basically deal with the employees directly, while payroll handles the compensation part. Both the departments have different work but they intersect with each other work.

W- 4 form needs to complete by every employee basically it indicates the amount of Income-tax.


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